What We Teach

Activity with blocks and toys

Give a toy to a child and you will be the most loved person for him. It is amazing to know how these educational blocks and toys which not only help develop gross motor skills in them but educate them in so many ways which is very crucial in their development since this is the age where their learning process is at an all time high.


Our little Neo Dalians learn recognizing different kinds of objects right from Pre Nursery in a very fun filled and creative way thus stimulating their minds and also vocabulary over the period of time.

Stories through Smart Class

Our childhood memories are still fresh listening to those stories which actually transformed our imagination into the very story. Understanding the need of how stories can stimulate children's minds we through latest technology tell them stories which not only excites these young minds but educates them too.

Personality Development Classes

Our Education system is not only about subject books but a lot of emphasis is laid on developing and enhancing the personality of the student along with character building so that they become better citizens as they grow.

General Awareness

Study by the rote is not what we encourage our students. We motivate them to be more alert and aware of what is happening around the world and educate them about important events.

Reading Classes

Reading forms the crux of English Language. Reading helps increase vocabulary, it stimulates the young mind, reduces stress, increases knowledge, enhances memory, one tends to have stronger analytical thinking skills, improves focus and concentration and so much more it gives and what better a time to inculcate this habit at this age which we at Neo Dales lay strong emphasis.

School Gallery

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