Click on Parents Login on the top right corner > you will be redirected to our school ERP > under User Name type your ward's S.R.No. and password will be father's mobile number as per our records > you will then be asked to change your password.
Download the Conveyance Undertaking Form at Parents Login and submit the duly filled form at the front office. We will intimate you in 2 working days once the form is processed.
No, however, the idea behind this concept is to make and encourage children eat a variety of food and since everybody in the class gets the same menu the child easily finishes the tiffin and is not tempted by different varieties. If your ward absolutely doesn’t eat the specified menu you may send something else alongwith the prescribed menu.
In case a child doesn’t have that particular colour/theme dress, it is not compulsory for parents to buy a new dress. Rather in some creative way the code can be followed. That colour/theme can be a part of a dress and not necessarily be the complete dress. The idea behind having Colour Fridays is to make children learn colours in an interesting way.
Parents can handover the sweets to the Class Teacher in the morning which will be distributed to kids. Parents can distribute only two sweets on child’s birthday. Anything more will be sent back.The child can come in casuals on his / her birthday. Cutting of cake is not permitted in school. Parents are not allowed to join the celebrations in school.
Communication should be through the school diary ( on white pages only ) / mailbox through Parents Login.
Mail is sent to parents with attached Circular and Course time to time so they can check the same from their mailbox at Parents Login.
You may mail us the same through Parents Login clearly mentioning the name of your ward, class, section, dates and reason for leave.
For security purpose, two escort cards are issued at the beginning of the session for all classes. So any unfamiliar person coming to school should present this card to the teacher failing which the ward will not be handed over to that person.
Yes, P.T.M. should preferably be attended by both the parents.
In case parents are unable to attend the P.T.M., any relative can meet the Class Teacher but the information regarding the same should be given to the Class Teacher well in advance in writing.
No, only for classes 1 & 2 and Presentations for Pre Nursery to U.K.G.
1. Children are assessed twice in a session once in September / October and then in March ( Nursery onwards ).
2. Pre Nursery Assessment is done on class performance.
3. No class ranking is done in accordance with our motto "Each Child a Star".
4. Hard copies of Term 1 Report Card will not be issued and the same should be viewed online at Parents Login
No, Assessments can be neither preponed nor postponed. If a child is absent on the day of Assessment , ‘Absent’ will be marked in the Report Card.